Tuesday, June 1

Chef Arianne

The day I met Ryan, he went on with his witty charm and obnoxious pick up lines (which actually did end up working!) but didn't say much about himself as a person besides "if I could just make you smile & see that beautiful smile for the rest of my life I'd die a happy man..." So, needless to say -- the fact that he was an AMAZING cook, didn't quite come up yet. So he came over to my house that night so we could hang out alone (aka - without my idiot ex-boyfriend who brought us together). He was hanging out in the living room, making himself totally at home, and I poked my head around the corner and said "hey I'm throwing a pizza in, do you want one?" He looked shocked, and almost offended. I quickly thought through the reasons he might have been upset by this and came up with "he's lactose and tolerant! That must be why he's giving me this look!" Before I could offer him something else, just as simple to make, he was by my side arm wrapped around my waist whispering in my ear..."I forgot to mention, I'm a chef - frozen pizza isn't exactly up my alley." He concluded that night with a big pot of the most amazing mac and cheese I had ever had, and it was also that night that I quickly learned he would never just make something from the box - it had to be spiced up everytime. He always said, "straight from the box is too plain, they can't add their own spice in the food because most people wouldn't like it." I never complained about this, in fact -- I bragged to all my co-workers and said "my boyfriend is the greatest cook in the world -- and I get to come home to his incredible food everynight :)" I was so lucky, I had the most amazing man who loved me so much & even cooked and cleaned for me...he did everything he could to make me happy, and I will scream it to the world today that he DID make me happy, he was an amazing man & the best boyfriend.

Anyway...everyone who knew Ry knew he could cook, but tonight I want to brag a little bit on myself. Throughout our relationship, Ryan was determined to teach me everything he knew about the kitchen so that, and I quote, "someday when I'm working late, I can come home to my wife cooking, not just me all the time." So I tried to keep an open mind, and pay attention to everything -- I'm wishing now that I had payed more attention. I do recall certain things though, and tonight was no different. You see, I was really worried about me moving out again and surviving on frozen pizza and microwavable burritos again, so I made a promise to myself that I would learn how to cook not only for my sake, but in Ryan's memory too. Tonight was my first test, and on the menu: steak, mashed potatoes & grilled corn on the cob. So..Ry and I were broke, he never really taught me much about steak because we couldn't afford it. Corn on the cob he never made for me, so I was just going on instinct and what Ry would put on it. But the mashed potatoes...I used to beg him to make me some of his potatoes because they were amazing. Although it was definitly no comparison to Ryan's cooking, it was a hit for me! There were no left overs -- and in my family, that ALWAYS means the meal was so good that everyone would gladly overstuff their tummies to continue enjoying.

Needless to say, I'm very proud of my accomplishment - and I know Ry would be too. :) Thanks for teaching me babe, I just might be near as good as you someday.


Chef Arianne

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