Saturday, September 29

Mommy Perks

Sleepless nights, screaming infant, constant feeding... all these things sometimes get the best of new moms like myself.  There have been moments when I sobbed to my son just begging him to "please stop crying, I don't know what you want!"  Change his diaper, feed him, rock him, sing to him, put him in the swing...whew!  When all those things fail, its hard not to get upset.  However, is it any surprise that even after all that - the magical moment when he opens his eyes after a crying fit and stares at your face, and lets the biggest grin flash across his face - is one of the greatest feelings of all? 

He knows who his mommy is, and after all - isn't THAT the reason we go through it??  40 weeks of constantly peeing, eating, puking, and getting huge...29 agonizing hours of labor...but a lifetime full of being the most important woman in his life (at least until he gets married someday!)  I've never been more proud in my life until the moment I became a mother... its truly something special!

Tuesday, September 25

The Sanchez Family


a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.

Whew I can't believe its been almost a year to the date since my last post!  Well, I took that love I'd found with Rudy and we turned it into a family! We got the news the week before that we would be able to induce on Thursday July 12th.  I was thrilled because the previous plan was for Friday the 13th...and perhaps I was a tad superstitious but I'd heard horrible things about inductions and I figured we could use all the luck we could get.  Never in my silly naive mind did I believe it would take more than a day to get our little man here! I got little to no sleep the night before, as they told me they'd call me in the morning as soon as they could get me in to get started.  After hours of waiting, I finally got a confirmed time.."Come on in at one today and we'll get ya started!" the friendly nurse said.  So, I enjoyed one last big meal with my mom, sister, nephew and husband...and then we were off to the hospital.  

After 2 hours worth of paperwork, we finally started medicine.  Walking, and waiting, more walking...and more waiting - at one point I told Rudy "He just doesn't want to come out yet!"  Around that time the hospital even told me I still had time to go home and let nature work its course, but I wasn't about to continue the waiting game.  So we started pitocin, and hours later it was finally time for me to push.  After about 3 rounds of contractions/pushing our baby was finally here!  

The first 30 seconds of his life were the most terrifying...  earlier when they had broken my waters to help labor go along, they discovered that he was meconium stained.  Which simply means he pooped while in the womb, but was cause for some alarm as its not safe for him to be continuously breathing that in & it's hard to tell how long he'd been in the meconium.  So for him to finally be out was a relief, but when he was quickly snatched off my chest I got very scared.  He was limp when he came out... not crying, or moving.  Thankfully after a few seconds he spit up some of the amniotic fluid and began crying.  We were lucky, his lungs were (and still are) perfectly healthy, he didn't have to spend any time in the NICU or on oxygen, and to this day he continues to grow so much every day!  

I'm a very lucky mom, as he's such a great sleeper, he eats great, hardly ever fusses, and smiles all the time :).  

So, I'm back blogging - I'm a full time mother, full time wife, part time student, and part time CNA.  Life is crazy, hectic and almost always on the go but I love it.  So why I'm deciding to start blogging again I have no clue, probably because I have so many stories about new motherhood that are funny, heartwarming, enlightening, etc. and I love to share! :)