Saturday, September 29

Mommy Perks

Sleepless nights, screaming infant, constant feeding... all these things sometimes get the best of new moms like myself.  There have been moments when I sobbed to my son just begging him to "please stop crying, I don't know what you want!"  Change his diaper, feed him, rock him, sing to him, put him in the swing...whew!  When all those things fail, its hard not to get upset.  However, is it any surprise that even after all that - the magical moment when he opens his eyes after a crying fit and stares at your face, and lets the biggest grin flash across his face - is one of the greatest feelings of all? 

He knows who his mommy is, and after all - isn't THAT the reason we go through it??  40 weeks of constantly peeing, eating, puking, and getting huge...29 agonizing hours of labor...but a lifetime full of being the most important woman in his life (at least until he gets married someday!)  I've never been more proud in my life until the moment I became a mother... its truly something special!

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