Saturday, February 23

Great Bend, Kansas

Day 1 living in a hotel room has been an interesting one so far...

When I woke up yesterday morning, I had it in my mind we would not be leaving for Kansas until next week sometime.  So, with only a few hours to finish packing - things were very scrambled.  My intentions were to organize everything very nicely in storage totes, and then we'd know where everything was & it wouldn't be too much to pack into my car.  Ha! You know how they say for such a small person (babies) they sure have a lot of stuff?  Wow is that true.  Between Rudy, Dedrick and I - we had a car stuffed full of the 'essentials.'  Staring at the huge pile of stuff that is taking over the limited hotel room floor - I'm starting to second guess some of what I consider essential.... Never the less - it's all here now! 

Rudy ended up working today after having two snow days, so Deidrick and I snuggled all morning and didn't wake up til ten!  I have such a fantastic sleeper... :) Once we did wake up, it became instantly clear how nervous D is being in a new place.  Add that to the 7 month separation anxiety that is kicking in, and I can't get anything done while he is awake!  At home, he would play by himself while I made breakfast, or worked on homework -- so I thought for sure I'd get some organizing done this morning!  Well, I dug through enough of the crazy to find my shower stuff & that's about as far as I've made it to accomplishing anything so far. 

With Rudy on his way back from the job, we might just end up exploring this town we're in this afternoon.  I didn't get to see much on my way in due to how late it was, but I did see just how much snow Kansas got!  It is no wonder Rudy was so nervous about us on the roads yesterday, it's a mess here!  Thankfully though, the interstate & highways were perfect conditions for driving - and we made it absolutely safe. 

More to come when we venture out and explore a little bit... we're sure missing everyone back home - but loving being our little family out here on our adventure. 

Much love from the Sanchez family!!

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