Monday, February 25

From Chaos to Organized & Back Again

Staring at the huge pile of stuff we lugged along with us, I have felt so overwhelmed for two days now that I didn't even attempt to organize.  Luckily, the snow & some job site hazards have kept Rudy home for the past 2 days and he tackled a good portion of it last night.

For space reasons, Rudy warned me against getting too much food at once for the room.  I'm now understanding just why he warned against it... we have food piled on the dresser, and it isn't even a whole lot of food! I thought it would be easy living in a hotel.  I know how to pack for camping (the tent version even!) and living in a room bigger than a tent should be so much easier than that, right? WRONG! Or maybe wrong for right now... Having only a few hours to pack & get on the road, I ended up just throwing stuff into totes and loading it up.  Now unpacking it, I realize how much space I wasted.  Needless to say, we are getting a better grip on how to stay organized.  Luckily, we are staying right across the street from a Wal-Mart so it isn't a difficult task to get what we need.  I thought it would be fun to take before and after pictures - also a little bit of a motivator for me - so here's what the chaos looked like before:

And after!:

It's not beautiful, but it is functional!! Starting to feel a little more like home, at least for the remainder of our stay here!  (Ignore the pizza on the bed, I took the photo during lunch :) )

On a lighter note, we got to leave the room (and chaos) behind for a few hours yesterday while we took Deidrick to a zoo!  Great Bend has a small little zoo, that is also free!  When we found it online, we thought for sure it wouldn't be a whole lot of animals....but were we wrong!  When we got there, we first stopped to see the two TIGERS!  Deidrick loved watching them pace, and we loved watching them too - I've always had a soft spot for tigers.  Then, we wandered along the path and came face to face with a huge peacock.  He was just out taking a stroll in the zoo as well, and followed us some of the way.  Unfortunately, it is still very cold here and a lot of the animals were indoors where we couldn't see them.  We did get to see a lion, an eagle, and lots of ducks.  Out of all the exotic animals he'd seen, nothing could tear Deidrick's attention away from those ducks!  There were two very large geese that seemed to make him giggle the most.  He got a kick out of the noises they made, and it sure made mom & dad smile to see him so happy.

Because of another snow storm, we are hanging out with Rudy all day again today.  He got word today that we may be moving to Colby, KS soon (yes, another hour or so BACK in the direction we came from...) so I am going to convince Rudy to get his swim trunks on and we all go enjoy the pool before we leave.  Last time Deidrick tried swimming, the pool was freezing cold.  He was excited, but too cold to enjoy himself so we ended up calling it a bust.  Thanks to my LifeProof phone case cover, I'll be able to get some great shots of him in the pool!  I will be sure to post them when I can!

Much love from the Sanchez family in Kansas!  


  1. Thank you, Dear Heart! It's almost as though we are enjoying your life right along with you! MUCH LOVE from CA!!! <3