Wednesday, February 27

We Have Moved!!

Hey followers,

After a long serious time of thinking, I've decided to move our little adventure to a new blog.  I started this blog for a very different reason, and I'd really like to have a fresh start as far as my blog goes.  I've moved onward in my life past the terrible tragedy that took place nearly 3 years ago, and I feel in my heart it is just time to bring this blog to a close.

Blogging now is sort of like my daily job.  Yes, I take care of the baby and do schoolwork - but blogging is my way to accomplish something I enjoy, and strive toward the goal of doing that daily.  So I found a new site to host the new blog that you can find here.  I truly appreciate all the people who read this... even if you just stop by, it warms my heart knowing my words are being read by someone!

So - I hope to see everyone over on the new blog, we're just starting this crazy adventure & would love to share it with you all as we go along!

Much Love!

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