Sunday, June 6

The Edge

The day that would eventually send my life into a tornado of events, Ryan and I woke up just like every other Thursday and layed around being lazy. I didn't have to work until 2 that night, so we sat in bed watching TV and being lazy all morning until Ry finally looked at his phone. Just recently he had reconnected with his best friend from New Mexico and found out he was living in Denver. His face lit up when he read through his messages and found one from Colter.

When I asked him what was going on he said "I just got a message from my buddy Colter, he's in Denver! We should go see him when you get off work!" I said yes right away, but the whole morning had been dreading work anyway, so I made the foolish decision to not call and not go, then we took off to Denver.

The day trip that turned into a 4 day adventure was a blur to both of us. I remember it was that weekend that brought us back together as "an official couple" again, and once I finally came to grips I had lost my job - we spontaneously decided to just move to Denver.

Here is how the "big move week" took place: Took off Thursday night, stayed till Sunday night, Monday & Tuesday we researched apartments and jobs, Wednesday applied for the first place we stopped at - Wednesday night got approved, Thursday morning signed the lease and by Thursday night Ry and I were unlocking the door to our first apartment.

A good friend of mine went to dinner with me the other night and she said "Looking back I think the only reason I was so upset with you guys was because you lived your lives right there on the edge, and I play it safe." She was right -- the edge is where Ryan took me, and the edge is where we lived our lives.

As crappy as it was, I miss our tiny apartment...I miss my fish too. Sounds weird that someone could be so attached to fish, but I was. Those fish were Ryan's babies. Anyway...I went completely off track from what I was going to write about today - I just love sharing that story because even tho we were stupid and did everything the wrong way - in the end we were happy simply because we had each other.

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