Tuesday, June 15

My Cranky 1 Year Old

When we first got Zeaka, Ryan was a little skeptical because he had his heart set on a boxer. There was one there that day, we even visited him but I knew that wasn't the dog we would be happy with. Maybe I was being selfish, but I didn't feel guitly - I was buying whatever dog we got, so my opinion was huge.

We brought her home and Ry was so worried we got a boring dog because she was so timid at first. Mind you - her first night in her new home Ry was pacing around screaming into his cell phone because we found ourselves in some ugly trouble. Had I been in her shoes I would have been thinking "Who the hell did they send me home with!?" That night we had to drive across town and I didn't want to leave Zeaka, so we took her with. We were very stupid dog owners because for only having her a few hours, and only cooped up in the apartment, we let her run free when we got outside. Much to my surprise, she didn't run off - she ran ahead with Ryan and then stopped and started her "husky talk" and yelled at him. Confused he stopped too and asked her what was wrong, when I caught up to them she stood up again and started walking beside both of us. My girl was mad at Ry for not waiting for me! :)

The next two weeks she would have with Ry she spent most of her time with him. I worked 8 hour shifts and he was on doggy duty. Needless to say when I came home from work, he had already taught her a new trick or she was obeying his command. She loved our neighbors Robbie and Ashleigh, and everytime they had a party they would beg us to bring her with. She loved to show off her "shake" trick, and when Ry would be cooking she knew that "kitchen" meant to keep both paws behind a certain line until after he was done with dinner and the dishes were done.

The night Ryan left us, she whined when I finally got to see her again after sitting at the police station for hours. Some people think animals don't know what is going on with their owners -- I fully believe Zeaka knows Ryan is gone & I can tell she misses him too.

When kids go through a tragic event at a young age, it has been said that they resort to anger or lashing out at loved ones to deal with the pain. I did it when I was little....I used to tell my mother I hated her when really deep down I just missed having my daddy around.

Little miss Zeaka is acting the same way. Before our lives were turned upside down she was very well behaved and only ran off once, to chase a goose. These days she rips apart clothes when she's in the laundry room, digs huge holes in the back yard, attacks our smallest dog, she even runs away clear to the highway if she gets the chance. My baby girl is breaking my heart, but I have confidence when we both start our lives again in the city she will be my well behaved sweetie that made Ry and I choose her.

Until then - anyone know any tips about how to train a husky??

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