Monday, June 28

The Wal-Mart Game

Ryan and I were TERRIBLE at grocery shopping. We'd go into a store, wander around and end up leaving without ever buying what we went in for. Eventually, after all these trips to Wal-Mart and King Soopers, we started playing a game (as if we needed anymore distractions in the store!) without ever really declaring the rules.
One day we walked down a canned food aisle and found an empty pop can shoved on the shelf. He pointed at it and said "one!" I was confused but trying to focus so I didn't really think much of it until the next aisle he saw something frozen on the shelf with the chips and said "two!" Finally I said "Ryan what the heck are you doing?" and he smiled and said "Counting how many things are somewhere they aren't supposed to be." From then on everytime we walked into a store it was a competition to see who could point out the most stuff first & get a bigger number. Of course this led to more and more shopping trips because we would always forget the purpose of each trip, but it is something I'm sure I will always do now and think of him.
On our way to New Mexico 3 months ago we stopped at Wal-Mart for some essentials, and I found myself counting things without even realizing it until I got to about 10 things. It always makes me smile to remember the little games we played, because it is then I remember the GOOD times we had together - and the laughter we shared. Whether or not our relationship as a couple was healthy or not, whether we ended up breaking up or not, he would have always been my best friend because he was so damn good at being my friend.
I miss him as my boyfriend, I miss him holding me as I fell asleep, I miss his texts in the middle of the day "Baby when will you be home?? I have a surprise for you!"....there is so much I miss about my BOYFRIEND, but more than all of that, I miss having my best friend.

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