Wednesday, June 2

Healthy Coffee!

Yesterday's post was not entirley true. I'm not "jobless..." completley. I do work at home & I want to finally share it with my "readers" (if there are any left!) what it is and the great things coming up.

It is true, I sell COFFEE! Catch is, it is healthier coffee. It has an incredible herb in it called Ganoderma Lucidum and it has been said to be the "miracle herb" of China and the closest thing to nutritional perfection.

It counteracts all the negative affects of caffeine and has been said to help with weight loss, lower blood pressure & cholesterol, improve quality of sleep and many other great things.

This weekend Yuma is having a CO-NE-KS Swap Meet & Car Show, great exposure for the business! My sponsor and I plan to set up a booth and sell frozen coffee by the cup and maybe I will sell the 10 boxes I finally got today.

Not an exciting post, but if someone out there is reading this -- I get paid to drink healthier coffee. You can make money at this whether you have all the time in the world like me, or work a full time job already. It is a great way to work your way to financial freedom. One girl in the company has been in it for 14 months now and can retire in a year -- she is 21 years old.

If I ever make it down the aisle & get lucky enough to have children, they will be able to go to Brown University - twice!

If you are interested in healthy coffee & making good money -- please please e-mail me! Even if you just want to drink the coffee and feel better!


<3 arianne.

ps. watch the presentation I saw that had me convinced at this website:

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  1. We just got our hot chocolate when we got back from Vegas today...haven't tried it yet...but am looking forward to trying it. With the temps close to 100 it's a little hot for it yet. :) GRANDMA