Sunday, May 30

Think about it

Tonight I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Today's world is full of cruel people who get their joy out of life by degrading other people. Let me just say in a real quick idea here - telling someone to kill themselves because it would be better off that way is not only cruel but probably the most screwed up thing a person could say.

No - I will not kill myself, or harm myself in anyway for that matter, I do NOT deserve to die slowly & I did NOTHING wrong so stop trying to tell me otherwise.

I just want to pray that next time you go to say something cruel, imagine if that were being said to would that make you feel? Maybe if everyone in the world stopped and thought about it that way, the world might be a little bit nicer? Just a thought & quick rant before bedtime.

Signing off,
arianne elizabeth.
*love you ry*

ps. I get a total kick out of the fact that by simply waking up and breathing every morning I get to piss you off. So...will I live my life to the fullest & survive this to be a stronger woman? YES!

1 comment:

  1. So proud of your attitude about this sick person who knows you! Dying is NOT what your Daddy or Ryan would want!!! GRANDMA