Thursday, May 27

Dear Arianne, Welcome Back -- The Real World

Well blogger world, today I did it. I swallowed my pride, let out a few tears and then pulled it together to walk into the local grocery store and ask for an application. I asked the nice lady at the customer service desk for an application, fully intending on filling it out at home and praying my mixer went well enough tonight that I wouldn't have to actually turn it in, but she asked me to fill it out right there. So as I began to fill it out, she called the manager and said "There is a very pretty young lady here filling out an application you should come meet."
45 minutes later I'm shaking the hand of my next employer at Shop-All Grocery store in Yuma and replying "Yep, see you tomorrow at 12:30 to start." Whoo! I'm a paper or plastic girl.
One job part time in Yuma won't get me the money I need to continue buying product for my home based business, pay for my car insurance, get my own cell phone and plan again, AND save the $3,000 I need by August to get out of I filled out the second application for 7-11 and meet with the manager again on Monday about my schedule and paperwork.
I used to date a guy who had three jobs, he had almost zero time for me and it pissed me off. I always said I would never be him...but now here I am.
It doesn't particularly matter because I don't have a significant other to miss while I am at work at all hours of the day. This might be just what I need to focus on me and get where I want to be in life.
My coffee mixer is tonight, and its expected to actually have a good turn those reading please pray I can get at least one person enrolled under me tonight, then I will be making nearly 7 paychecks -- that could all add 2011 Chevy Camaro, keep the seats warm because I'm comin for ya!

Bye for now.
<3 arianne elizabeth.

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