Friday, April 30

I thought I loved you Then

Is it crazy to be with a man for seven months and love him so much you want to marry him? Maybe. I remember listening to a country song that came on the radio right after Ryan told me he wanted to marry me. We Weren't Crazy by Josh Gracin - talks about two kids, crazy in love, taking off to California to be together. It talks about how everyone doubted they would make it, but years down the road they are happily married and tucking their kids in to sleep.
It wasn't California, and our child was a dog - but this song spoke to my heart. We were two kids, both broken from our pasts, who fell in love and ran away to start our lives. Denver was our beginning.
I remember one day after first moving there, we were sitting in the bank trying to close out my accounts. It was taking forever and as we both sat at the bankers desk, we laughed at how our day had just been wasted. There was a song that came on then, and without realizing it I found myself humming along to it. Just then, Ryan grabbed my hand and smiled at me and said "Oh babe! Its our wedding song!" The biggest grin broke out across my face and he leaned over and kissed me (which was rare because he hated PDA). I miss my future...I wish so badly we could have made it & I could have been Mrs. Barber. He was amazing...
Thought I would share the is bittersweet...

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  1. That love you are searching for is still out there somewhere. Patience is the name of the game. You are a child of God and He won't let you down. It's just so hard to understand why He does things at times. Keep the faith. There is that someone out there who is just right for you. Your grandpa and I knew each other 6 days only and were 17 and 18 years old. Our love and marriage has lasted 48 years now and is still growing stronger. KEEP THE FAITH!!!