Friday, April 16

Wait, What's Your Middle Name?

The day I met Ryan, it felt like my heart skipped a beat when he walked into the room. Our eyes met and I felt this energy go through my body and I was instantly drawn to him. Instead of getting to know each other, our first day together was spent diagnosing the problems of my car. We drove all around Greeley trying to find the cheapest brake pads, and he spent the whole day assuring me he would install them because he was very good with cars.
From day one we were inseparable, and I remember him always saying "If you don't want to hang out, we don't have to..." with a sad look on his face. I would just laugh and tell him if he bugged me I'd let him know. Then came that smile...that amazing smile that shined across his whole face. Of course I didn't know then that some days that smile would be what carried me through some very hard times.
After a few days, and Ryan very persistently asking me daily if I would be his girl, I finally said yes. September 16, 2009 I became Ryan's girlfriend, and he was proud of that. He was proud of me, and even better - he was proud of us.
Very shortly after we became official, I'm talking maybe a day later, Ry and I were at my house hanging out when he took my hand and looked me in the eyes and said "Arianne, I love you." Shocked I asked him "How could you possibly know you love me already?" and he smiled and said "I just know." After a long silence, he questioned whether I was going to say it back. My heart screamed "YES! You love him, tell him!" but my head said "Woahh, it hasn't even been a week!"
I didn't know how to reply, but my head took over and said "Wait, what's your middle name?" That was important to know if I was going to love him! I could see the sadness come across his face, but he fully understood my past and how I'd been hurt before - so he never rushed me.
The next day it burst out of me. I knew in my heart that I barely knew this man but I loved him so so much. One beautiful thing about love at first sight is that the rest of the relationship, I got the pleasure of discovering more reasons to love Ryan, and easily fell deeper and deeper in love with him as each day went on.
In my heart, I know he felt the same way. He'd joke about it - like when I started singing along to a Sublime song - "You know Sublime!? I love you so much more!" He'd say as he wrapped his arms around me.
It made no sense, it was rushed and probably the craziest idea of love - but it was real. Never in my life will I doubt the love I had or will always carry for the man who truly loved me in return.

Love you so much babe...<3>

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