Tuesday, April 13

Deep Fried Hot Dogs

The Food Network + 24/7 King Soopers ended up being our worst enemy. Ryan and I used to call ourselves fat kids because as much as he loved cooking, he began to include me in the crazy things he'd try in the kitchen. Some nights we would stay up for hours trying to make an amazing dinner, to finally sit down and eat at 1 am.
One night in particular we were watching something on the Food Network about comfort food. There was a restaurant that would deep fry everything. We got to talking about something that would be good to deep fry and the idea clicked. HOT DOGS! So we jumped in the car and took off to King Soopers. By then we almost knew the night crew by name because that was the only time we'd shop. They always had funny looks for us considering the things we picked out, and at what time of the night!
As soon as we pulled back into the garage we bust through the door with such anticipation. It was a good thing I didn't have roommates at this time because we made so much noise! Ryan turned on the rock station and cranked the music and we dove headfirst into this insane project. We deep fried everything we had in the house, from cucumbers to candy, then finally - the hot dogs. We both were so hungry by then we were just hoping this turned out okay.
In the end, it was amazing. We stayed up so late laughing about what the people at King Soopers had to be thinking of us, and what good teamwork we had in the kitchen. Between his creative culinary mind and King Soopes being less than a mile away (both in Greeley AND Denver) our bank account was usually pretty slim, but the memories made in the kitchen will forever be worth it.
Love you with all my heart Ry...

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  1. THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL STORY! One of these days I will have to tell you about his pizza concoctions...out of this world delicious