Tuesday, April 20

Our Daughter - Zeaka Owen

A combination of being jobless and a hefty amount of money in savings may sound simple, but Ryan and I never really were good at saving...any money, actually. Whenever we were bored, we would always find a pound or humane society to go look at cats and dogs. Days off from work were usually spent driving to Ft. Collins or Denver to look at shelters outside of Greeley.
Denver has an amazing shelter called the Dumb Friends League, adoption fees are small and the options are endless. Naturally, one day after waking up around noon (again) we were sick of the apartment and decided to go explore Denver. Looking back, I have a feeling this was Ryan's plan from the beginning of the day. We ended up at the Dumb Friends League, and as we started looking through dogs, Ryan fell in love with an albino boxer puppy. Because we had already decided we were leaving that day with a dog, we had a visitation room set up and once again - it was deal making time. "We each pick our favorite one, and we get to look at both. Then we decide." He quickly agreed, and knew the Boxer was his choice, so we kept looking around so I could find my choice. As we rounded the corner of the 8th or 9th row, I was starting to lose hope that we would end up with that crazy boxer from the first row. Then - I saw her. She was all white and had the most beautiful blue eyes. She looked like a husky, and I knew she was the one.
Ever since I was 9 years old, I wanted a husky. Something about the breed just fascinated me, they were beautiful dogs.
The meeting with the boxer was insane. I was getting the puppy dog look from both the boxer and Ryan - but I just wasn't feeling it. The dog had way too much energy for a one bedroom apartment. Aside from that, I wanted a lover dog. One that would try to comfort me when I was sad, or love on me when Ryan went to work and I was home alone.
So next up was the white husky. She shed a lot, and both of us wearing black we could tell that would be an issue, but she listened to us so well. She took to us so quickly, and I knew she was the one.
When we left the pound, we had our first dog. Zeaka is her name, and she lives with me now in Yuma. She's such a sweetheart and loved her daddy very much. At the same time, she knows her mommy is hurting and tries her best to cheer me up. We were way too crazy to start thinking about kids together - and besides that I wanted more than anything to love Elissa - so Zeaka was our daughter. She knew both parents very well, and loved each of us equally. Daddy was the one who took her out on walks, took her to the creek, and spent the day with her...then at night when mommy was home I would play with her and love her while Ryan cooked dinner. One crazy family between the fish and Zeaka - but we loved our lives and loved our "children" dearly.

Love from Arianne & Zeaka Owen...

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