Thursday, April 22

Can We Just Do Some Laundry!?

Moving is stressful to anyone, but when do you moving Arianne & Ryan's basically the definition of chaos. Naturally, laundry was not on the top of our to-do list when we moved from Greeley to Denver. We dragged at least six trash bags and one huge green bucket full of clothes...and none of them clean. Considering we were job hunting, we figured we should probably get some clothes washed. So we chose our favorite outfits and threw them in the hamper and dragged that down to the laundromat. After getting there - I whipped out the roll of quarters I just got...only to realize that these were "smart machines."
Two young people trying to make a washing machine work doesn't make any sense, we are supposed to be good with technology! We tried my debit card and tried it on every machine in there before the nice mantinence lady informed us we needed to buy a special laundry card. Not only that - but we forgot to buy soap and they didn't sell it at the laundromat.
Quick drive down to the Cherri Mart and the soap problem was solved, next problem to tacke: the laundry card! Once we finally found the machine - the dang thing would only take 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills. I dug through my wallet and found a 5 - but the card cost 3. Wash costs 2. Dry: 1.50. Grr!! Go to throw in a few more ones, forgot it doesn't take them. Finally find a manager to give us another 5 for some ones - and by this time neither of us even care about the laundry anymore!!
Eventually it finally got done, and when Ryan went to get the dried laundry - he even took the time to fold it!
Tonight as I told this story I was laughing hysterically as I went into the details. This story will always make me smile :)

Love you babe - hope Heaven's laundromats are easier than that one! ;)

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