Wednesday, April 14

You are Approved!

Walking through Home Depot, Ryan and I loved to look at all the things that would someday make a home. We would argue about which bath tub we would get, what color to paint the kitchen, even down to the carpets that would make up our living room. We were two very broke people, but our dreams were big. We wanted a huge house, right off the ocean so Ryan could go surfing every morning (and so I could tan because he always had some comment about my white legs!).
This trip to dream of our future ended very differently than most. Earlier that morning we had applied for our first apartment together. He was so scared he wouldn't get approved and we'd end up living in a box until we found something else. The apartment wasn't perfect, it was pretty small, but to us - it was going to be "ours" and that's all that mattered.
Right as we were getting ready to leave, I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. I answered and walked away from Ryan in case it was them calling to say we'd be declined.
"This is Jason, from Cherry Creek Club Apartments, I'm just calling to say you two have been approved for your apartment, incredibly fast actually, and wondered when you wanted to set your move in date."
I tried to fight my smile and asked him "Is it crazy to say tomorrow??" and he laughed and said "Not at all, be here at 9 am to sign your lease!"
I hung up the phone and turned around to face Ryan. As much as he loved to prank me, I tried to prank him into believing we were declined, but my excitement showed as soon as I turned around. By this point, we were by my car in the parking lot when I screamed and said "Baby we got it! It's ours!" The biggest smile broke across his face and he ran to me, put his arms around me and twirled me around.
There in the rain, we laughed and smiled, so excited that our future was finally going to fall into place. WE had a home together...and that meant the world to both of us.

Love you with all my heart Ryan Owen...

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  1. This story made me cry, it is so sweet. Love you girl