Thursday, April 15


"Babe! I'm telling you, I need something for my stomach!" Ry cried at me while I rushed to get ready. "I know Ryan, let me finish." I tried to tell him. He burst through the bathroom door and looked in the mirror with me, "Baby you are beautiful, can we go now?" I smiled at his quick compliment and walked into the bedroom to put my shoes on.
Of course I was already in the car while he was grabbing something he forgot. All the rush and I was waiting on him. When he finally got in the car, I tried the best I could to "diagnose" his tummy problem, and he just laughed at me and said he just wanted some Pepto.
Pulling into Wal-Mart, I parked the car and grabbed his hand before he got out. It was deal making time. I told him I wanted to pick out what we got because it would stay at my house. He agreed, probably just so we could hustle inside and he could get to feeling better.
We were always so bad at going to the store and just getting what we needed. In fact, as soon as we hit the door we forgot what we came for and just wandered around the store, no matter where we were. Of course it got us in trouble because we always ended up in the food, and Ry would get some crazy idea for dinner.
After wandering around the food, checking out some furniture, then drooling over the PS3 system, we finally got to the medicine area. We both saw the Pepto on the bottom shelf and we raced over to it. As I was running next to him I said "Cherry Ryan! Get the Cherry one!" He smiled over his shoulder and said "Okay babe!"
He beat me there, grabbed a bottle, opened it up and took a huge gulp. When he pulled the bottle from his mouth he had that mischievous grin on his face. I felt my hands go to my hips and I asked him, "Ryan Owen what kind did you just drink?" and he put his arm around me and said "Oops babe I swore it was cherry! Guess we gotta buy this one now!"
I was so upset with him, but one good thing about him making me angry was how sweet he got to try and "sugar up" to me again. I couldn't be mad at him, all I could do was laugh at him and when I finally did he threw his arms around me and held me in the middle of Wal-Mart while we both just laughed. Such a brat, even with me. :)

Love you always & forever Ryan Owen...

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  1. That is so funny!!!!! He used to do that to us too, we always had pizza and we would fight over who gets the cheesiest piece or the piece that had the most pepperoni on it. he would go, here freedom you can have it then he would lick it!!!! the little punk! ha ha miss you ry cant wait to get your tatt done :)