Saturday, April 17

Kirby Loyalty

Today represents the last weekend I will spend unemployed. My heart and mind are slowly beginning to dread that first Tuesday morning shift back to work since I lost my soul mate, but in this time I have also remembered the countless memories I have with Ryan over his "loyalty."
Mine has always been to Ace Hardware. Every city I have lived in, I have worked at the Ace, and it all started when I was 16. In our "getting to know each other" stages I told Ryan all about my stories in each Ace store I worked in, and in Greeley he became a part of my Ace family as they openly welcomed both of us into their group of friends.
Ryan's became Kirby. You know - those ridiculously overpriced ugly vacuums that salespeople push in your face? Ry was one of those. BUT! He was by far the most handsome ridiculous salesperson to sell Kirby. His first day in Loveland at training I remember dropping him off thinking this was a good job for him, and he would finally be bringing in money (maybe take ME out on a date :))
A few weeks later, and several "demonstrations" in my house later - Ry got a call from his boss, "How would you like to go to Wyoming with my fiancee and make some real money?" She went on to say that he was part of the select few that shined above the rest and they needed him in Wyoming - all expenses paid.
A few days later we found ourselves frantically driving around Greeley trying to find the bus station to send him off. This being our first time spent apart - we were both very sad and he kept reminding me "It will only be a week and then I will be home for good." The cell phone he had got zero reception and was completely worthless - so the only way we had to talk was once a night when he'd call from the hotel room.
The first few days sounded promising (minus the fact that his ride from the bus stop left him waiting for two hours) but soon his calls began to change. These people were housing 9 people in a two bedroom hotel room, fed them every other day and even then made them split a sandwich with another guy, and had them working almost all hours of the day.
One night after wiring him money to come home, I realized they weren't going to let him go. So I did the craziest most spontaneous thing I've ever done in my life and jumped in the car at midnight that night, called him back and said "Be ready by 8 - I will be there." I drove through the night and finally pulled into the tiniest town in Montana to the ugliest hotel and there stood my Ryan, waiting earnestly outside.
All the hell he went through with Kirby, and yet every store we'd go to that sold vacuums had to hear about how amazing Kirby is and it's SO much better than what they sold. He had found his loyalty - and as much as we both hated Kirby - it made me smile to hear him defend his vacuum and the days he was a salesman.

Love you my handsome Kirby guy...<3>

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  1. You are such a sweetheart. To show that kind of dedication to Ryan is beautiful. It makes me proud to know you now. Love you girl