Sunday, August 29

When Young Love Grows Old

As soon as we fell in love with Denver, we started going more and more often. I'll admit, I got a certain little thrill when we'd check in "1 reservation for Ryan Barber..." I'd tell the desk clerk. Most clerks made the mistake of calling us Mr. and Mrs. Barber...but we never corrected them. We'd check in late hours of the night, and wouldn't leave until 2 hours after check out time because when we went to Denver, it meant we were going to to the clubs.

The night before Ryan was leaving for New Mexico, we decided to stay in Denver so he could catch the earliest flight. As soon as we pulled into town and located the hotel, we went out looking for a liquor store so that we could have a romantic evening of champagne and the hot tub. It ended up being a very nice night, sipping from out ever so classy plastic cups, and laughing together until we fell asleep.

Tonight I checked in a couple who reminded me of Ry & I those nights we spent in Denver. They stopped by the liquor store in town to ask where the best hotel was, and the craziest part was that they got the same bottle of champagne Ry & I had grown to love. He used to joke and say that when we got married, that was the kind of bubbly we'd have because it was a whopping $6.00/bottle.

Here's the part of this particular check in that made me smile...this couple is over 70 years old. They aren't two young & stupid kids not thinking about the consequences of their decisions, they have probably had those days and grown together since then. Seeing a love like theirs that exists in more places than just my mom & dad's marriage gives me hope that it could happen for me. It makes me look out into the beautiful sunset setting over our small town, smile, and send my love up to heaven to thank Ryan for the moments in our life that were beautiful and made me feel like the most amazing girl in his world.

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