Sunday, August 1

Baby Piders

Around 1 in the afternoon today, my very energetic mother came down to my room to not only wake me up and beg me to 'shake my booty' out of bed but to inform me "It's cleaning day!!!" 1 pm sounds like a very sad time to be crawling out of bed - but in my defense I did work the overnight and didn't get home til 6 am.

Anywhooo-- back to the story. Mom rented a fancy shampooer and brought it all the way down from Greeley so we got rounded up into cleaning all day. At first it was a complete drag because I got stuck on basement duty (makes sense being that I live down here on a daily basis.) After a few hours of cleaning alone downstairs, my adorable yet totally crazy for the day little sister came home. I had no idea that cleaning could be so fun until she came home with this insane attitude of fun.

After a while mom heard us doing more laughing than cleaning, so she came down to see if we were doing what we were supposed to be and we made a bribe that if we kicked it into high gear dad would get TV put in our rooms. So we started working together...sort of :) One problem we kept running into was our worst fear - spiders. Huge spiders! When we'd see one, we'd scream and jump around like little girls and yell at each other to kill it. We looked like such dorks, but after the first one it made me remember the great history we have with spiders. One afternoon when we were younger we actually climbed out of my window (when I lived on the top floor) and sat on the roof until our brother came home to kill the huge spider stalking us outside my door.

One memory however that I remember that always makes me smile is a story our grandma told us about when we were younger. Sabrina used to pretend to catch the 'baby piders' and keep them safe, then she would show grandpa and he would try to crush them and she would yell "No Papa! Don't smoosh my baby piders!!" I can just imagine her little face yelling at grandpa with such an attitude!

Sort of ironic that years later we still find ourselves bonding over those icky 8 legged creatures, only this time instead of yelling at Papa for smooshing her baby piders - we were screaming like those same little girls to run away from them.

I love my little sister - and today was a beautiful day & night spent laughing with her.

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  1. I LOVE you both so much!!! Baby piders is just one of the wonderful memories that keep me going since I don't get to see you very often. Thanks for the memories!!! LOVE YA! Grandma