Saturday, August 21

Venice Beach

Daddy lived in California for what seemed like a very long time before we finally got to see the ocean, but when we did it was more than worth the wait. I remember so many exciting times I had with daddy every summer, and the times just got better when he married Trish and we all got to experience some of the greatness of Cali.

The summer we were finally going to see the ocean for the first time, Brina and I were more than thrilled. On the drive down we kept telling daddy "Make sure you get pictures of our feet when we run in, it will be the first time our feet ever touched the ocean!" When we got there, we both ran to the water, I let it cover my feet then stopped. Sabrina - ran full speed ahead and kept going into the water. Here is where I fully recognized my fear - I cannot be in water that I can't see my feet in, it terrifies me beyond words. So in that instant, I knew I would most enjoy Venice Beach by laying out to tan & pointing out the cute lifeguards to Trish.

That first year we got to spend the weekend there so we had several fun filled days in the sun, and by the end of the weekend it became quite clear that Brina was the adventurous one and I was the girly one. I didn't mind a bit though because being afraid of the ocean meant Trish and I got to experience all the shows, art, shops and of course hobos on the boardwalk. It was at Venice Beach I bonded so quickly to Trish and saw her as a friend.

Before daddy passed away, he requested that he be cremated so that his ashes could forever rest in his favorite places...and the four of us decided (Daddy, Trish, Brina and Me) that someday we would all get together again in California and spread daddy's ashes where we all had the best times together. Brina decided she will spread hers in the ocean because they spent most of their time body surfing until they were sore. I decided my share would go along the shore, where we would spend what seemed like hours walking up and down, talking about life, and of course - picking up shells.

It was too hard the first summer after losing him to visit our special place again, but as the years have gone on, and I can still feel his prescence around me just pushing me to be stronger and better everyday...I now know that whenever we get the chance we can handle it - and go enjoy a weekend full of memories and new stories as we all know daddy will be smiling down from heaven.

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