Monday, August 23

Don't Come Back 'Til You're Married!

My first memory with Deb, Char, Jeff and Tony is at a mud volleyball tournament somehwere close to a river. I remember bits and pieces about that day, like Sabrina forever losing one of her favorite shoes in the mud pit...Jeff finding a snake and showing all the girls...Deb & Char helping us to get our feet cleaned off in the river -- but above all that, I remember thinking about how much I liked them, and how easy it would be to get along with them. Soon after that my mom and their dad were seeing each other more often, which meant we had more time to hang out and get to know each other too. When most people look at blended families, I'm sure you'd think of the awkward 'getting to know each other' stage - but I honestly can't remember that. I feel like my earliest memories with them felt like they were my true siblings all along.

Eventually mom sat down Sabrina and I and asked our opinion of all of them, and told us to not be afraid to be honest because it was our choice. At first I wondered how different life would be if it wasn't just us girls. There would be more girls in the house, plus a brother - and even more crazy, a different man to call a dad. Those fearful thoughts passed as quickly as they came and I'm not sure what Sabrina was thinking - but I was excited to have a big family.

The feelings were mutual among all of us kids, and we somehow devised a plan to make them get married. They were taking a trip to Las Vegas with a lot of dad's (tony dad) family. Not sure if he was already planning to propose (I think he was) but we told him very specific instructions. Do not come back to Yuma until you're married!!

Well they didn't get married in Vegas, but he did propose and they decided to save the wedding for all 5 of their kids. February 1998 we became a blended family and it has been the biggest blessing to my life. I'm very happy we added the Powell family to ours and we became the Pow-Robs :)

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