Friday, August 20

Rebel Girl

When I was younger, mostly in jr. high, I was known as the rebel girl. My hair and clothes always looked like I had stepped right out of an 80's video, I spoke my mind and lived my life as far close to the edge as a 12 year old could. I was a spitfire with a strong head and even stronger beliefs. Today I was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering how much simpler my life would be if I was still that spitfire 12 year old girl who fought for everything I believed in.

It was then I remembered that this blog is not my first blog floating around here on the world wide web...I started one in Jr. High to post my arguments on subjects like teen drinking, public displays of affection, the principals in school, and many other very controversial subjects in our small little town -- and at one point, had quite a big fan base and lots of arguments going for both sides. I'd sparked an interest in people deeper than a girl who had worn the same shirt as another girl.

I was so proud of myself and eventually ran for student council president my 8th grade year. I lost the election, but still won a secretary spot. Through out the year, however, the president and vice president eventually lost both their spots and I was bumped up to presidents chair a few months before promotion. The way I remember it, I did some good things the few months I had presidency, including give a pretty good speech at our promotion as we took the next step to high school as the class of 2009....and my reputation never died down.

In high school when people wanted to organize a protest, or a petition - most times I was at the top of the list of the involved, if not the one who started it. I remember one year, there were some very serious allegations surrounding the principal and the entire school believed he should be fired - so we started planning a walk out if he wasn't out of there by the end of the week. They found out, and we still are not sure if it was because of us - but he was gone.

The other night I had 2 lines to a new song strike me like lightning -- and tonight's blog has a huge part in them:

"Shake the dust off that tiara, you're still a princess - believe it or not...
Though this life, has been kind of rough now, you're still a fighter - believe it or not."

This rebel girl may have learned to keep her mouth shut more often, and now a days you don't see me plastering lockers with papers written about a controversial I've grown up I have tamed my wild rebel child inside me, but every now and then I see that fighting spirit come out and defend the people and things I love most in this world. The best part of this new chapter in my life, is to feel the fire burning in my soul that tells me to fight for my life and fight for what will be mine.

Signing off for tonight,

Rebel Girl :)

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