Sunday, August 15

Different Kind of Beautiful

This is me.
  1. I have acne
  2. I am only 5'2
  3. My hair doesn't cooperate most days
  4. Curves are the furthest thing from describing my body
  5. My toes are short & stubby
  6. I have a chubby face
  7. My stomach is not flat
  8. I don't wear bikinis
  9. I have scars all over my body
  10. and most people would call this ugly
But the reality is...a few people in this world think I am beautiful just the way I am. You wouldn't look at Cameron Diaz and say "Well, because she was in a movie with Lucy Lui - I think Cameron Diaz is the ugly one." It's not fair to label someone "the ugly one" in any group because someone somewhere thinks very differently. My sister is beautiful by the world's to most people that would make me "the ugly one." As I get older, I feel my beauty is still shaping...but more important than that, I'm growing in my maturity and I know I shouldn't let these stupid comments get to me anymore...but the truth is they still do. My little sister will say all the time "I don't look good!" or "Do I look fat? I feel fat." As much as I love her I just wish I could slap her around and say "Look at yourself and look at how many people make it a point in their day to make sure you know they think you are beautiful."

I'm not sure if this blog is me being hurt, or me taking the words I heard tonight with a grain of salt. Either way, I wish people would really think before they told a girl she was ugly...somehow that is one of the most hurtful words a girl can hear. I think I'd honestly prefer to be called a controlling bitch (which I also heard via "friends" telling Ryan how awful I was.)

So if there are any men reading my blog tonight...if you think a girl is beautiful -- tell her! She loves to hear it, and it makes her feel amazing. On the same note, if you think she's ugly -- do not say anything. Chances are she might just feel beautiful about herself until you say that...because that's how I felt tonight.

Anyway...guess we all have to step back and live off those simple grade school rules sometimes.

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  1. Beauty goes much deeper than the thin image seen in a mirror. Your perfect prince, Christ, created you just the way you are supposed to be. Go to the video on You Tube The Chisel by the Skit Guys. God doesn't make junk and he doesn't want us listening to what the world says but what He says. You KNOW He thinks you are not only beautiful, but spectacular!