Wednesday, September 1

Hard at Work

One of my favorite sayings I've come across since joining Organo Gold is "Don't work hard for a living, work smart for a lifestyle." When you see what OG is and how it saves people from debt & gives them the life they want - this makes perfect sense. I may not be working towards a lifestyle just yet, but as of now I think I'm working smart for a living. I have two jobs, both part time, both enough to drive me crazy most days. This morning I just got off shift at the hotel, am home just long enough to get ready (and blog, of course!) and head off to job number 2 until 1 pm, deposit my paycheck from job 1, grab lunch, then head into job 1 again....until 10. It seems like utter chaos, and I won't lie - it is chaos, but it's keeping me sane right now. Having money coming in, the ability to save & some serious plans being put into work to move back to Greeley make all this chaos 100% worth it.

I will admit I am exhausted, and today is going to be a rough one considering I got 2 hours of sleep last night & I'm working til ten -- but I'm young, right!? Every friend I've told I'm moving back to Greeley is so excited, and their excitement is enough to motivate me all over again every time we talk. Life misses me, and although I believe I'm doing a good job at joining society again here in Yuma -- I'm itching to break free & fly again. Greeley feels like home and I feel it in my heart that's where something great will begin for me. Something great, healthy, functional & beautiful.

Here's my question to my followers though -- have you ever had to work more than one job to get to a point where things were comfortable again??

Post answers?? I'd love to hear stories from you guys!! :D

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  1. That statement is soo true! In my five years of working I've never worked multiple jobs to get back to comfort, Haven't left comfort yet haha, :P However being in the construction industry we have multiple projects/jobs to work on, in a sense its the same busyness.