Thursday, September 9

Simple Joys of Family

If I could simply write down every increrdible memory I had with my little sister, I'm pretty sure we could make it into one of the funniest movies of all time.  Last night, for example, we were talking about the fire that's been taking over Boulder and I mentioned how it hadn't rained in a while....

S: "Yeah it has Arianne, it did yesterday."

A: "No it didn't, I thought it was hott yesterday..."

S: ", it rained, all day."

A: "Wait...why can't I remember the weather from yesterday? I was at work."  

Silence....(Sabrina's evil grin)

S: "You think you're crazy! Don't you!" 

We have some of the most simple humor, but some of those quick moments that happen and make us laugh for days and still make us laugh months later are what make us special sisters.

Another day that still makes us laugh is the day mom, Sabrina and I went car shopping for Sabrina's first car.  After we spent the entire drive up there laughing about stupid stuff, we finally made it to Greeley and pulled into a car lot.  We drove around the used lot and were waiting for one of those salesmen to start prying and throwing cars at us.  When the time didn't come, we finally drove up closer to the office.  Soon enough, a man in a hawaiian shirt came walking towards the car.  So mom rolled down the window and stuck her head out "You look like a car salesman!" She said while putting those little air quotes around 'salesman.'  The guy kinda chuckled and said "Yeah, what can I help you with?"  So she launched into detail about how we needed a cheap, but cute car for her youngest daughter...using those obnoxious air quotes around every word.  When the guy started offering some options, she reached over and turned down the stereo (which was already off) and told us to turn the noise down.  We both cracked up laughing because there was nothing on!  Quite possibly one of those 'had to be there' moments, but none the less it will go down in my books as one of those great days I had with my family. 

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