Tuesday, September 7

God.....Bless America!!

With daddy there was never a dull moment in our lives, even when it was something as simple as a drive down the interstate. I remember one day while visiting him & Trish in California, we were driving down the interstate and we were battling for the radio. I kept trying to play Atreyu and Thrice in hopes to convince him that my music was just as heavy as his old school music. We'd listen to one of my songs, then he'd try and find something by Metallica or Pink Floyd...we'd listen for a few seconds and I'd quickly say "Nope, don't know it." He'd hit the steering wheel and say "What!? My daughter doesn't know the legends!?" It was something he'd always picked on me for - my terrible and ageless taste in music. It was something that always made me laugh though, and eventually he did enlighten me, and I'm sure he was smiling down at me when I met Ryan and he had the same things to say about my awful & ageless taste in music.

On this drive, it happened several times (as it does in California traffic) that some idiot cut him off. It freaked him out at first, and he would do the parent thing and reach his arm over to my seat to make sure I didn't go anywhere, and then when things calmed down a bit he'd grip the steering wheel really tight and mutter (quite loudly actually) under his breath "God........bless America!" It made all of us laugh as we knew what he was about to say, but glad he caught himself instead.

He offered to let me drive around town the year I got my permit and visited him, but remembering those many years of crazy Cali drivers made me offer the keys every time. Now that I've been driving for almost 5 years, my sister and I both find it funny how easily we fell into his habits and yell the exact same thing when we end up in a bad traffic incident.

As they say: like father, like daughters :)



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