Friday, September 17

Decisions that Define Us

Life throws us situations everyday, and most decisions are simple.  Wear the red shirt or the black one, latte or mocha, one song or the next...but when they become decisions that will end up shaping your life - this is when true character is defined.

In my life, I've made many decisions that impacted my life years to come...and decisions were made involving my life that would later become blessings.  When my parents divorced, for years I thought it was the end of the world.  I remember being such an awful kid sometimes, because I was so upset inside and missed my dad - but years later, when Tony, Deb, Char and Jeff came into my life, I was so happy that the decision had been made years before.  

The past four months have been full of decisions, and most of the paths I've chosen to walk on lead me straight to a dead end.  For a while, I thought my consequnces radar was broken beyond repair - but the past few weeks have shown me differently.  Rather than let my emotions run my decision maker, I thought rationally about my move to Greeley and about my girl Zeaka...

I've never had to make the life altering decision that involved another persons life other than my own...until now.  I'm sure that a young mother who decides to give her baby up for adoption faces that with rationality and selflessness.  Truth is, I'm not the best thing for Zeaka...and as hard as that is to admit, for her happiness it needed to be said and dealt with.  It breaks my heart to know that I can't take care of her the way she needs, and therefore she will be finding a better home.  

There will be many many more decisions that will come my way, and in them I will continue to build my character.  The beautiful thing about this life is that we have the freedom to make the decisions we do.  Through this you learn - more about yourself, more about what you stand for, and who you will become.  The decisions that define us are yet another thing that makes us unique, and although the tough ones may hurt - its just another stepping stone leading us to a legacy. 

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