Sunday, July 18

My occupation? Student.

So it isn't an amazingly expensive school, and yes everyone gets accepted - but reading that letter from RRCC I'm still as happy as a clam. Red Rocks Community College in Arvada is where I will officially be continuing on down the road of education. My major will be in Psychology somehow emphasizing on the connection between the concious and subconcious mind along with the connection both of those have to dreams. I want to learn about how the mind works, and mostly I want to learn what dreams mean, why we have them, and how they should be applied to life.

Before my dad passed away, he made sure to take the time to talk to each of us individually and tell us everything he would want us to know from him. Of course because I was only 17 he wanted to make sure I knew how important my college education would be. I promised him I would go to college...and from his life insurance money, I was able to get one semester of college, and paid for another but unfortunately had to drop out. For the past three months, I was very ashamed of myself for using the last of daddy's money on what I did. Not a dime of it went to education, and all of it is now invested in something I could never ever see again in my life. To daddy -- I'm sorry I broke my word, and I'm sorry I did what I did...but I hope my determination to not miss a semester until I graduate will make up for what I did. Someday I will have all of that money back, and I know someday I will be financially free -- but until then, I will do whatever it takes to get back into school because that is where I belong right now.

Since moving back home, there have been few moments where I have felt proud of myself - but tomorrow I will call the school and set up an appointment to meet with an adviser. Then -- I am applying at jobs, and checking out apartments. I thought I needed $3,000 to move out - but really, I just want my own place...and if that means for the first few months I eat dinner on the counter and sleep on an air mattress, I will gladly do it :) Zeaka and I are both ready to be on our own again.

This fall I am going back to school...and goodness I am so proud to be a student!!

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