Tuesday, July 6

Loves You Now - Word & Music by Arianne R.

I'm broken & I'm crying
I fall humbly to my knees
God I need you now,
I felt my heart tear into pieces when he left.

(Bridge 1.)
My friends say its time to move on,
they say to stop my crying & give life another go.
But how am I supposed to give my heart, when it left with him?

Oh if you only knew the pain this caused,
would you take it back?
And if you only knew how much I love you,
oh baby just come home...
Into the arms of the one who loves you now.

So the past may hurt and sometimes
It haunts us with its memories.
But tell me now was it fair for you
To leave me in this broken mess?

(Bridge 2)
Oh my life - will find a new meaning,
Someday I will be strong.
But until that day comes and finds me
I am now relearning to live.


(End Chorus)
But I'm so glad I know just where you are,
smiling from the clouds
And when he holds you now, you'll feel his love,
like never before
In the arms of the one who holds you now...

Oh in the arms of the one who loves you now.


This ladies & gentlemen is my first finished song since I lost Ryan...it is written for him and his memory. Rest in peace Ryan Owen Barber...I know the Lord holds you now & you never have to feel pain again. I love you so much, and thanks for the inspiration behind my words. You will always be the inspiration in my heart to be a better me. I love you so much babe, always & forever.

Arianne Elizabeth

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