Tuesday, December 7

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is an important day in many lives...it is my best friends birthday, many remember Pearl Harbor several years ago, and it is also my father's birthday.  

When we were little, I remember getting so excited to get home from school so I could call him to tell him...I could imagine that it made him smile ear to ear to hear those adorable squeaks of a "happy birthday" from his little girls.  There for a while I was seeing a guy who has two little girls as well, when the topic of his girls came up his face would light up so incredibly bright...it took me back to hearing Ryan tell me about his Lis the first time we hung out, I'd never seen him happier than when he was talking to or about his little girl.  Something about a daddy being a daddy just makes me smile and warm my heart because for 7 years, I was the luckiest girl in the world - I had two incredible fathers who both loved me more than words could describe.  

I still have two fathers, one is just watching out from heaven... today I miss a lot of things, I'm sad about a lot of things, and would be lying if I said I hadn't shed a few tears, but I'm still forever thankful for the time I got with daddy...

Happy birthday old man :) love you with all my heart..

Arianne Elizabeth

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