Monday, December 20

The Accomplishment in Finishing

Today's lesson: If you're feeling down, go do something you are good at and keep doing it until you feel great again!

I always say that one of the greatest blessings God could have given me, is my artistic soul that is so drawn to music.  Without fail whenever I'm sad, lonely, discouraged...whatever the emotion may be, just strumming a few chords on my guitar and letting myself get wrapped up in the music, is more than enough to bring me back up in spirits.  

Slowly, but surely, I've been piecing together songs one at a time.  The first song was angrily written on a lonely night about an ex who walked out of my life and how he would regret it someday, the next was about the pain I felt when Ryan chose suicide over the love I had for him, it was my pain in a song and soon after that I began to feel the emotions I was too scared to let in at first.  Tonight, I finished my third song about the excitement of taking a risk on love from a friendship.  I can't really say it goes out to a certain someone right now, I more or less drew on the emotions I felt when I was 16 years old telling my brother's best friend that I wanted to be his girlfriend.  This was a fun one to write, and I'm glad I finally got it finished.

The greatest part about finishing my third song though isn't having another song to my name, its the feeling of accomplishment in FINISHING.  So many times we start something that we love but get discouraged for one reason or another, and end up quitting...which in all reality only leads you to more feelings of despair instead of any relief.  There were times tonight I was frustrated, I couldn't play it right, the chords are off, my voice couldn't get as high as I wanted it too...but I kept going, and by golly I have an entire song to prove it!

When I had just moved to Denver with Ryan, I found myself facing the anniversary of my father's passing in a strange new city with no one there but the man I loved.  The morning started out terrible and I didn't want to move from my bed, until Ryan finally came in with my camera case and said "Let's go do something you love to do, your dad would like that."  So, thanks to that day, we all have many photographs of Ryan to enjoy because he made me do something I was passionate about until my pain eased.  

So if you're feeling down, discouraged, lost or lonely...think about what makes you happiest, something you can do alone to gather yourself and heal your broken heart, and don't quit until you feel that passion go right back into your heart and you know you can keep moving.  

Go do something you love!!! <3

Arianne Elizabeth

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