Saturday, December 18

With a Little Determination, God Threw Me a Bone

Today's lesson:  Learning that giving it over to God isn't just an expression, the result of finally trusting him could be incredibly rewarding.  

I was feeling very discouraged earlier in the week, last weekend I got the news that unless I wanted to fill every room in the condo with roommates again, I would have to be moving out in February.  I'm not very good at roommate hunting...and I'm terrible at living with other people, so here it is: time to move into my very own 1 bedroom apartment, totally by myself this time.  This is something I don't mind at all, when I'd moved to Denver I surprisingly loved my tiny little 1 bedroom apartment, even if the neighborhood was awful, things were falling part, and management/maintenance was far from functioning...but it was mine, home to me.  

So I was forced to take a good long look at my job status, and decided it wasn't going to cut it.  Not to mention, I want to get my CNA certification anyway, so I wanted to start working in healthcare somewhere to get some experience under my belt.  As it turns out, a good friend of mine's mother works at a great nursing home in town and was going to start doing some hiring soon for her facility.  The application is in, connection made, and now we wait...

Not sure how long it will take to hear back from them, but I'm so excited to know that I have a chance.  It took a few days to pull myself back up into determination mode, but when I did I believe I finally turned it over to God and said "do with this what you will, I know you've taken me out of worse situations and never let me go, I know you'll be with me now."  

So remember...when things look bad, or you think you can't get anywhere, THIS is the time God wants you to just turn it over to him.  When you finally do, maybe you'll see your prayers answered, or find blessings in your life somewhere the least expected.  


  1. Footprints in the sand comes to mind. Still praying for your job and all. Make your new home yours. You will be surprised how eye opening the experience will be.

  2. Dear you know your Daddy worked in a nursing home?? He really enjoyed helping out those who couldn't help themselves. I am a strong believer in you are where you are supposed to be and doing exactly as you are supposed to be doing at each precise moment. He is in charge and loves us. I LOVE YOU!!!