Tuesday, December 14

Putting More Than just Tragedy Behind Me

Today's lesson: People come into our life for a reason, some forever and some just long enough to teach you a lesson. 

Today I woke up to my Facebook page still open and started scrolling through the many updates from friends.  Some about finals week, some about Christmas break coming up, and one that stuck out very loud and clear.  One friend boasting about how incredible her weekend was wishing she'd had more time to enjoy it.  Then it hit me again...this friend was supposed to see me this weekend.  Of course it hurts getting ditched, hurts even more to be ignored, and I've become very used to this feeling from certain people around here...but from an old friend, the knife seemed to be pushed a little farther in the wound.  

As I continued to scroll down I saw a countless number of old friends who before I introduced them, had no idea the other even existed.  Making plans, recalling recent memories, best friends I would guess...all the while, I attempted to talk to almost all of them this weekend to see some of them...to no avail.

Anyway...I'm not crying about it, this is just another thing I will soon learn to shrug off my shoulders and say "the happy times we had together WERE great, but you are moving on with your life and I am moving on with mine."  It seems that there is more than tragedy I must learn to put behind me.  

In the meantime, I have one incredible friend who I can talk to anytime and makes me smile (that's you Miss Britt!)  the strangest beginning to a friendship, but its turned out to be quite the blessing in my life.  To the friends who made me laugh and smile in the past...maybe our paths will cross again someday, but I will always hope for the absolute best in your lives and smile in gratitude for the times we once shared.

So here's to a new future, growing up doesn't mean forgetting, it just means accepting and moving forward.  

 Happy Tuesday all!

Arianne Elizabeth


  1. You go, Girl!!! This shows you are maturing! LOVE YA!!!

  2. aw ARI! lol your awesome and we will both move on in the right direction and get everything we deserve some day just a few bumps in the way. LUV YA!