Wednesday, January 19

Just Might Have to Change the Name

Goodness blogger world, it has been quite some time since my last post!! I've been so busy finding a place to live, getting a second job, enjoying time with my friends....can't believe its already the middle of January!  

So that's my great news, however, that I have an ADORABLE little duplex to call my home now, and finally - for the first time in nearly an entire year - I am going to unpack my boxes in a place that feels like home and that I can call my home for a few years.  Hard to imagine that this stupid stupid holiday coming up (Valentine's Day) will mark a year since Ryan and I made the decision to pick up life in this little town of Greeley and move it all up to Denver.  

We were there for a little over one month, we considered it more vacation than crunch time, so we were lazy.  Slept in til noon, made big brunch meals, then watched movies all night or went to see our neighbors down the way...have unpacking boxes get in the way of that?? Heck no! 

By the time my family packed up my stuff from Denver, most of it hadn't even left the boxes from which they'd gotten there...and most of that stuff, I still haven't seen since.  As of last Tuesday though, I changed that for the best!  I signed my one year lease, and have actually already started moving stuff in.  

So the blog name just might have to change!  I am most definitely not going to be living out of boxes anymore :) Maybe I can rename it something to do with my busy lifestyle! Not the greatest blog, but I had some time tonight so I thought I'd write a bit.

Good night bloggers!


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  1. So glad you are in a home that you can unpack in and enjoy. I am so proud of you for being busy and moving forward with your life. What an amazing, resilient young woman you are. God will have such incredible ways to use your strength and compassion.