Tuesday, November 9

The Importance of Family

Today's Lesson: When everything else falls apart, as long as you have a strong foundation, there's no reason you can't rebuild.

This one is one that I have lived my life by ten thousand times over.  Every new person to come into my life always hears endless stories about my family in the "getting to know each other" phase because they are the single most important people in my life...my family.  There are days when I look back on the path I've traveled and am not a single bit surprised I've made it through, because I had the love and support of the most amazing family a girl could ask for.

After my mom remarried, my little sister and I gained three older siblings.  Debra, the oldest - and most motherly...Char, the second oldest - the drama queen (in a good way) of the bunch...and Jeff, the youngest - the ONLY boy in the whole family (besides dad).  A few years later Daddy remarried, and our huge family was complete.  Sabrina and I had two dads and two moms.  Trish will always be the answer to our prayers as she brought our dad closer to us and he was more involved in our lives when she came into his life...she brought out the best in him.  

Over the years all of us five kids have endured our fair share of heartbreak, and my favorite memories of my childhood include someone from my family showing their love and support by helping one another through those hard times.  

My family, to me, is literally my foundation...they are my roots..they keep me grounded when I can't even see the ground.  They've pulled me from some of the darkest moments in my life, even when I wasn't acting like the daughter or sister I was raised to be.  Without them I'd be one very lost 20 year old trying to find love in all the wrong places, but thanks to them...I know I can survive absolutely anything this life throws at me.  

The lesson here is...ladies and gentlemen, take a good hard look at your life.  What is the most important part to you?  I'm not saying there is no other answer other than family, sadly not all of us were blessed in having great families, but your foundation should never be built on a man, money, alcohol, etc.  Too many times in this life you see people who have made these things their foundation, so when they let you down - where does that leave you?  Alone and disappointed.  Society will tell you that it is more than okay to make these your priority, but look where society put people like Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson -- in and out of rehab or a raging media bully!  Not exactly the life we should be striving for...

Hope you all find great foundations...because like I said earlier, with a great foundation, its NEVER impossible to rebuild. 

For tonight...

Arianne Elizabeth

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