Monday, October 18

Done For a While

My life is starting to get hectic again, two jobs and online school is a lot to handle, and I'm by no means complaining because I'm very content with where I am.  The only downfall to that is that I just don't feel very creative latley, and most certainly haven't not been able to think of anything to blog about.  So...sorry to disapoint what readers I have left, but the blogs are going on the back burner.  Someday when life slows down a bit, and I find myself in more exciting stories than just work, school, sleep and repeat - I will probably start a new blog.  This story was started because as a 19 year old girl, I'd lost more than my share of loved ones.  I hoped that by writing my way through my greif that maybe someday someone will read through my story and find hope and courage through my journey.  It is an ongoing story, and each day offers its own challenges - in both myself and in my loss - but for now its time to hang up the keyboard, and let the internal healing begin.  Thanks for following my journey this far - your support and love has carried me through some of the darkest moments in my life and I'm thankful for you.

All my love,

Arianne Elizabeth Robertson

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  1. Well, Dear Heart, if this has helped then I'm all for it! I'll be looking forward to more of the 'inside scoop' of Arianne. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!